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97 Flat Rapids Rd

Arnprio, ON

K7S 3G8


*Located approximately 5 min from Antrim Truck Stop, just off Hwy 417

Epona Glen EAL/EHC-Eastern Ontario

Contact us for more information on our Equine Assisted Learning programs, our Equi-Health Canada Courses, how to host, or how to become a certified instructor yourself!
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Interested in Hosting a course at your barn?

You don't need to own a Heartland Ranch or Spruce Meadows to impress your friends and boarders. A safe and prepared facility can wow others and show how serious you are about horse health and safety.  You are welcome to attend a previously scheduled EHC course, or....we can come to you!  Groups large and small, we will teach them all!  You not only get to have a fun and interactive course from the familiarity of your own barn, but we have great host incentives!  Everything is included in the student price; student minimums may apply if instructor travel costs are incurred (ie: flights, hotels)

What You Need to Host

-One safe, friendly, chill horse for every four students

-An area out of the elements for the theory portion (tack room, barn isle, dinning room, rec room)

-A safe, contained area to do scenarios


Contact for more info!

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