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Epona Glen Equine Assisted Learning

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What is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)?

EAL is a very effective method of experiential learning using horses as teachers.  EAL is not a riding lesson or just simply leading a horse through obstacles.  The activities used in EAL are objective-based and we customize the exercises to meet the needs and goals of our clients.  There are numerous research studies proving how effective EAL is.

What kind of activities do you do in EAL?

While some of the exercises can involve mounted (riding) activities, EAL is primarily done with ground-based exercises that are designed to help clients build skills such as stress and anxiety reduction, communications, leadership, negotiations, team building, interpersonal skills, and decision making.  Throughout each exercise, a coach is there to observe and facilitate discussion to help interpret the interactions with the horse and fellow participants based on comprehensive, specialized training and experience of the facilitator. 


How can Epona Glen EAL help you or your organization?

Epona Glen Farms is a special place where, in addition to effective skills building EAL exercises, we are creating relaxing spaces outside the arena for our clients to get in touch with nature and find themselves again.  Relax in the garden, by the pond, or take a walk on our trails.  From individuals to groups, we can customize an experience which promotes wellness and personal development through fun, relaxing, and memorable activities that promote lasting change.

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