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Instructor Certification

Are you passionate about equine first aid and wellness?  Do you wish more farms and stables took safety seriously and were prepared to face disaster?  You could become part of our cadre of professional instructors and run your own business.

Why invest in yourself?

The easy answer is because you are worth it!  Many of us are looking for a way to transition from out behind the desk and into the barn.  We at Equi-Health Canada take the hard work out of developing a business from scratch as the product is already designed.  You will be certified to deliver our core set of courses which have been developed by a board of veterinarians and other industry professionals.  There is a code of conduct to ensure instructors adhere to our high standards of deportment and course delivery so you can be confident in the good name of your head office and peers.  We also have ongoing professional development to help you expand the courses you can provide.  Becoming an Equi-Health Canada First Aid Instructor means being part of a family of highly motivated horse enthusiasts who love to share their knowledge with others for the betterment of horses.  You can easily recover your investment and turn a profit only after delivering a few courses.  And, you can be as busy as you want; being an instructor can be a hobby, a side hustle, or your main business.  It is up to you!     


Learn how to EXPLAIN, DEMONSTRATE, and have your students IMITATE the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our core courses.  Learn how to be an effective instructor, how to properly use training aids, and how to deliver our standardized curriculum. You will also receive tools to help get you get started as your own small business and ongoing access to promotional support to help you develop your own advertising.  


Want to know if being an Equi-Health Canada Instructor is for you?  Click this link for more info and to apply:


 Instructor Qualifications (



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