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Advanced & Remote Equine First Aid




Full Day


About the Course

Advanced & Remote Equine First Aid - Canadians are very fortunate to enjoy beautiful trails and peaceful rural living; unfortunately, that can also mean being hours from immediate veterinarian care.  This course deals with recognizing and taking action for more serious injuries while waiting for veterinarian care such as: punctures, imbedded objects, flail chest, safe recovery of stuck horses using readily available materials, emergency euthanasia, building splints, and much more.  For those who want to hit the backcountry, we also cover preparing horse and rider for the trail, and how to deal with emergencies in remote areas.

Your Instructor

Sue McGoldrick

Sue McGoldrick

Advanced Instructor & Instructor Trainer with nine years teaching with Equi-Health Canada and over 25 years as a CAF Veteran and First Responder.

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