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Livestock Emergencies for First Responders


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Two Days


About the Course

Livestock Emergencies for First Responders - Although our police academy training covers a lot of subjects, wrangling loose livestock and responding to livestock incidents are not usually among them.  Knowing your SOPs for dispatching nuisance wildlife is one thing, being looked to by everyone else to restore public safety with loose horses or cattle running down the highway is another.  This course covers livestock behaviour, responding to barn fires, how to keep yourself and your team safe during accidents and incidents involving livestock, how to deal with sensitive issues of emergency euthanasia, and much more!  A full two day course specifically designed to help police, fire fighters, by-law, and others who are considered first responders respond to any livestock incidents.  

Your Instructor

Sue McGoldrick

Sue McGoldrick

Sue McGoldrick, an EHC Advanced Instructor & Instructor Trainer, has over 25 years experience as a CAF Veteran First Responder

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